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About Us

Our Mission

To provide high quality, accessible mental health services to low income and disadvantaged adults and seniors. Our orginazation was founded in 2016 as a Wisconsin, Non-Profit Corporation. 


Who we serve


We serve, literally, the most vulnerable residents of Wisconsin - the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the alone. Our therapists have the dedication, caring, and sensitivty to treat the most challenging and difficult cases. We provide services free of charge to the client, ensuring that severe acute and chronic mental illness is not left untreated. High quality treatment of mental health problems is a right, not a privilege.


Our Partners


Currently, our major partner is My Choice Family Care, a Wisconsin leader in providing services to Wisconsin's most vulnerable populations. My Choice Family Care and its Case Management Unit partners provide excellent teamwork and solutions that, together, help our organization provide the best possible services to our clientele. 

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